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The Urban Review welcomes submissions on topics broadly related to urban studies, planning theory, and planning practice. Submissions can be personal reflections, research-based writing, material adapted from other work, etc. We are especially interested in pieces that are grounded in a particular location. 

The upheavals of the last two years revealed how our urban systems operate and what aspects and conditions of it we rely on, interrogate, and choose to accept. Broken public health systems, perpetually vulnerable populations, (un/under)employment, and a sputtering supply chain direct attention to the overlooked and unsavory ingredients that constitute our built environment. What is something that we neglected to account for that is now smacking us in the face or biting us in the @$$? This issue asks contributors to identify, describe, and challenge how those denizens and ephemera of our urban space have been overlooked, neglected, or scorned. Have we exposed the grim underbelly of our daily lives? 


Submission Requirements

We encourage submissions that represent a diversity of viewpoints and media, including essays, works of fiction and poetry, interviews, photography, visual art, and design projects—send us your napkin sketches, roadtrip rambles, and mirror selfies. 


If you would like to discuss a particular submission, pitch, question, or complaint, please get in touch at


Submission Deadline

February 1, 2022