Eclectic Aqueous Peripheries: A case of Sassoon Docks, Mumbai

Eclectic Aqueous Peripheries: A case of Sassoon Docks, Mumbai


April 7, 2019


Sassoon Docks: One of the oldest docks in the city of Mumbai, located in Colaba. With this photo essay I planned to capture the varied textural qualities of demographics, patterns, activities and colours that this one fragment of this city has to offer. It also becomes a point to suggest the significance of such fishing ports that probably face a ‘tabula rasa’ approach with respect to infrastructure up-gradation at the hands of the authorities. Additionally, another aim was to showcase equity in gender roles in the fishing profession in contrast to the rather more gender wise gentrified landscape of other professions. One of the most striking features of the port apart from its varied tectonic qualities, is the strong pungent fish smell; one engages with the port because of the its smell even before reaching its threshold. The photo essay summarises this nuanced urban experience very unique to Mumbai.

Shail Joshi is a candidate for the Master’s in City Planning at MIT.

Shail Joshi
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