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I’s on the Street

EXTENDED DEADLINE: Sunday, October 20, 11:59pm


The Urban Review is excited to announce a special fall 2019 edition called I’s on the Street!

“There must be eyes I’s on the street, eyes I’s belonging to those we might call the natural proprietors of the street.”

~Jane Jacobs, The Death and Life of Great American Cities

We invite you to answer the following:

How do your identities shape your experience as you navigate through cities, streets, towns? When and where do your identities and your senses of self inform or alter your perception of and orientation within the built environment? How are streetscapes liberating or inhibitory, oppressive? When do urban environments allow us to loudly assert I AM ON THE STREET? When do they disconnect us from the “we,” demarcating disbelonging? When are you a proprietor of the street?

We will accept a wide variety of submission types that grapple broadly with the prompt, including short stories, poems, personal essays, class papers, excerpts, and artwork. If visuals, images, or artwork, please also include text describing how the work expresses your identity in the built environment, either to narrate or annotate.

In this edition, we seek to highlight, and will prioritize publishing, the work of underrepresented and marginalized voices.


Find inspiration from fellow students in these opening pieces:


Submission deadline: Sunday, October 20, 11:59pm.

Where to submit: Please submit your work through this form.

Submission format: Written content, please submit a Word doc or text file. Graphic / visual content, please submit a PDF of the visual and a separate text file with any narration/annotation (even if the narration/annotation is embedded in the visual).

Editing period: If your piece is selected, our editorial team will work with you to refine and improve your piece over the course of a couple weeks leading up to the publication date.

General submission guidelines: please visit

All other questions, please email Evan at



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